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Dr. Serdar YILMAZ (PhD) studies about musical acoustics. Besides basic Physics of Music researches, main focus is on applied researches particularly the sound analysis of musical instruments. He also researches influences of instrument body materials such soundboard material on sound properties and playing technique. Besides obligation to teach via undergraduate and graduate lessons, he follows that help and give assistance to instrument makers and assist to the students with their MS or PhD thesis in Turkey. He completed his master thesis in Physics of Music and examined the instrument of Qanun’s sound characteristics and dependence on instrument’s structure. Parallel to his scientific studies, he plays Qanun (Kanun) and several oriental musical instruments and he also performs in many concerts as a musician.

He gained his Masters Degree in Physics at the Erciyes University in 2002. His master thesis title is “Investigation of the Acoustical Properties of Qanun’s Soundboard” under supervising of Prof.Dr. Ibrahim BELENLI. He obtained his PhD at the Gazi University in 2008. Also he attend to “Science Advising in Education” course in TUBITAK Campus of Marmara Research Center, in Kocaeli, Turkey at 2005. He also group leader of ELECTRO Research Group.

Research Interests

  • Musical Acoustics
  • Physics of Music
  • Sound analysis of musical instruments
    • Frequency response analysis and evaluation
    • Acoustic properties and functionality of musical instruments
  • Development of measurement methods for the evaluation of the musical quality of musical instruments
  • Historic oriental musical instruments
  • Using some computer programs for the sound analysis at basic level such as; Sound Forge, WaveLab, SpectraLab, Finale (music notation software)

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